Our mission

Mission of YOUR LAWYER is to ensure a successful legal representation of the people who need legal aid and have low, middle or high income around the world. We achieve our objectives by direct connection with the nearest proper lawyer/attorney/auditor/accountant under the conditions which are suitable for you to represent you in any court in any type of law and otherwise. YOUR LAWYER will also give you information on the nearest government law enforcement agencies, courts and notaries which affect the lives of the program users.

YOUR LAWYER wishes people to get legal help under the suitable conditions as soon as possible. In addition to legal advice, lawyers offer detailed consultations to the user to tell about his/her rights and how to exercise them. Currently YOUR LAWYER is used in the Russian Federation but the program is expected to operate in 7 languages and focus on the appropriate support and legal service provision anywhere in the world. YOUR LAWYER is closely at hand at any time convenient for you.